She didn’t just say it, she did it!

I was thrilled to have this opportunity to express to everyone and especially Nicole how happy and satisfied I am with her work as a Realtor. I met Nicole during one of the hardest times of my life. I had to “Short Sale” my primary home that I loved. I was so disgusted with the entire process ! I was showing my house for the hundredth time and was very much feeling discouraged. Along came Nicole and after speaking with her and sharing stories I felt that Nicole truly understood my situation and assured me that everything was going to be just fine. She made me forget why she was there and gave me a whole new outlook to my situation. She truly expressed to me that she was a “Friend” and will always keep me abreast of every move concerning the house. She didn’t just say it, she did it. I received a call 2 to 3 times a week with updates on the house. She explained to me how she was listing the ho use and why. She explained everything to me and I enjoyed listening to her. If I had a question, whether it was her job or not, Nicole always responded and my question would be answered. I liked her so much that even after the “Short Sale” I called her again to handle 2 more business transactions for me. Again, Nicole met all my expectations and today I consider her my friend. I will always recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a house. Nicole is one of those people that you meet in life and leave a positive impact on you. Thank you Nicole !

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