Explore Lake Nona-Live Work Play

Lake Nona known as “Medical City,” was started by the Tavistock  Development Company. Tavistock developed the community in 1996 with the purchase of 600 acres which are private residential lots as well as home to the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club.

It has continued to progress with over 1000 homes sold in 2007.  The lifestyle focuses on technology, sustainable design, and healthy living.  Whether you prefer urban living or a more suburban lifestyle Lake Nona has you covered.

You will find the following companies in Lake Nona:

  • Lake Nona Health and Life Sciences Campus
  • United States TennisAssociation (USTA)
  • A State of The Art VA Hospital.
  • Retail Centers
  • Recreational Facilities include:
    • Golfing
    • Yoga
    • Tai-chi
    • Cycling
    • Art classes

The Lake Nona community engages everyone by holding quarterly events like their “movie night” for example, where residents just step outside their homes to enjoy.

As far as those people who enjoy a little outdoor time there is 40% green space with community parks and pools in every neighborhood. There is also 44 miles of planned trails crisscrossing throughout our Lake Nona neighborhoods.

Lastly, I must mention the innovation that Lake Nona is known for through partnering with other companies such as:

  • Cisco which offers the fastest internet connection in the US (200 times faster than most.)
  • Whit is a company that specializes in designing homes to highlight health and well-being – from a Vitamin C shower to an alarm clock which lights up to simulate dawn.
  • Dais-Onsite Technology is a solutions provider for residential and commercial sites.

So, as you can see, Lake Nona truly encompasses the live, learn, work and play connection which is what makes this a community so many are proud to say they belong to. For more options in the Lake Nona and surrounding areas.

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