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The first thing that visitors ask when they come by to this hidden gem of a neighborhood is, “Who is Doctor Phillips and why is there a town named after him?” It’s a fair question but to answer it, you need to go back more than a century.

Dr. Phillip Phillips first came to this area in 1894 to buy a tract of land for an orange grove. However, he struggled at first.

One of the most devastating freezes in Florida’s history occurred in early 1895. Two days of below-freezing temperatures and acres of destroyed citrus trees forced Dr. Phillips to return to his home in Tennessee.

He returned to Florida in 1897 to tend to his 5,000 acres of orange groves. He also built two packing houses within his property and gave employment to locals.

In 1905, he ventured into Sand Lake, which is now the location of the Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, which long-time residents have called the Orlando Regional Sand Lake Hospital. 

He not only provided employment, but Doctor Phillips also gave back to the community and helped many people by providing this hospital. 

His business expanded to nine counties in Florida. Dr. Phillips was known for the many innovations that the company incorporated in the packaging and processing of orange juice. 

Doctor Phillips has a total land area of 12.6 square kilometers, a third of which is water. The water is one of the main attractions of the place. You are surrounded by these beautiful bodies of water and they not only add to the beauty and scenery, but they allow you to partake in lots of fun water-related outdoor activities if you wish.

You will be around nature as the beautiful Butler Chain of Lakes is also home to a lot of plant life. There are plenty of water activities like boating, paddling, rowing, kayaking, and swimming. There are plenty of lake houses around the Butler Chain of Lakes, but you don’t have to own one in order to enjoy the beauty of the lakes.

In 2015, Doctor Phillips made the list of CNN Money’s Best Places to Live in America. In the article, it cited the Butler Chain of Lakes that are very accessible from this neighborhood. There are plenty of outdoor activities that encourage residents to go out and get some fresh air.

In fact, Doctor Phillips is the only area in the entire state of Florida that made it on the list, which tells you something about what this community has to offer.

Of course, the town is so close to Walt Disney World that you can see the nightly fireworks from Doctor Phillips. It’s also a stone’s throw from Universal Studios.

What you get living in Doctor Phillips is a neighborhood located where it retains its suburban feel while also being close enough to where the action is. This also explains why there are a lot of tourists here. It’s cheaper to stay in hotels and bed and breakfasts in Doctor Phillips and make it the hub of their tour. They can easily go to Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and downtown Orlando from here.

Orlando is around 14 minutes from Doctor Phillips but realistically, when you include traffic, it’s actually around 25 minutes one way.

Doctor Phillips is close to major highways, which is advantageous for commuting. It also has its own Whole Foods and plenty of restaurants.

The Marketplace is a shopping center in downtown Doctor Phillips with plenty of retail shops, food establishments, spas, salons, and the like. It’s also has become a gathering place for residents who want to escape the higher summer temperatures of Florida.

The Dellagio Town Center can also be found here. 

Doctor Phillips is a modern place, with beautiful shopping malls, plenty of great restaurants and is surrounded by beautiful residential communities. The area from Apopka-Vineland Road east to I-4 is now called “Restaurant Row” by locals.

The neighborhoods in this area can visit their local Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Publix Supermarket which has a wide selection of groceries, plus deli & bakery departments.

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