Apps To Beat The Orlando Heat

by Nicole Mickle

Apps To Beat The Orlando Heat.





Helps to keep you safe from the sun by letting you know what the UV forecast is for the day, when it is safe to be outside and when to avoid it.  It also helps you discover what your potential risk of sun burn is via a personal assessment.


WaterYourBody –


This app is for Iphone users, but there are many for Android as well.  For Android try WaterDrinkReminder.  These apps help to remind you to stay hydrated by informing you how much water you have had and how much more you need to drink.


OSHA Heat Safety Tool –


There is an app for both Android and Apple. This tool is used by outdoor workers to determine the heat index for their worksite and tips on how to protect oneself from heat-related injuries and illnesses. It is available for everyone’s use.


First Aid –


The American Red Cross has several mobile apps to help oneself in an emergency.  The apps are available on both Android and Apple. This app has information on a number of potential emergencies including heat-related illnesses and injuries plus heat safety tips to avoid those conditions in the first place.


Allergy Cast –


This app is sponsored by Zyrtec and so yes there will be a lot of advertising, but it gives one the pollen count and alerts you to when the pollen is high, plus a 10-day weather forecast and 4-day allergy cast.

Ice Cream Finder –


Found on both Android and Apple. This is a VERY useful app in that you can find the nearest ice cream shop.  What more does one need when the heat is turned up! J




Published on 2016-07-05 07:54:22

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